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The Big Virtual
College Admissions Fair
March 13th, 2018
10am - 6pm EST
It's your time now.
Take hold of your future.
About the Event
Choosing your college just got easier
As a young adult, choosing a college is one of the first big decisions you’ll make. Attending The Big Virtual - College Admissions Fair will help you clarify your options. It will give you the confidence that you’ve made the right choice. What makes this virtual fair so special is that you can participate using a tool you’re very familiar with - your smartphone. The event allows you to directly communicate with representatives of colleges of interest using modern techniques you love such as text and video chat, and live streaming all in one sitting. The system makes it easy and quick to get the details you need about your favorite schools so you can make an informed decision and move on to the next great phase of your life!
How it Works
Register for the virtual event by pressing the Register button above and filling out the simple form
Get periodic email notices regarding the event and what to do next
Read the Prepare notes below on this page
Search Schools
Investigate attending schools
Determine the schools of interest and mark them as favorites
Attend Event
Sign into the event
Locate your favorite schools and get in the conversation queues to speak with the reps
Watch and participate in live stream presentations and chat sessions with school representatives
Take notes and rate each conversation
Visit Favorites
Analyze your event notes and conversations and determine those schools that fit your needs
Visit each of these schools for a physical experience
Attending Colleges
We're working hard to ensure your dream college attends
Below is a brief list of colleges and universities that participated in the prior September 25th 2017 event. We will be updating this list with March 13th attending colleges and universities as the event approaches. It is our goal to have over 200 top colleges and universities around the country participating in the event.
Colleges and Universities Attending (updated daily)
TBV-CollegeFair-Sept25th-ParticipatingCollegeList.pdf (340kb)
Brief List of Previously Attended Colleges and Universities
Penn State - World Campus
State College, PA | Undergrads: 7,242
Cal State University - Fullerton
Fullerton, CA | Undergrads: 33,144
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI | Undergrads: 17,951
Aquinas State University
Grand Rapids, MI | Undergrads: 1,920
University of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, PA | Undergrads: 40,742
Pensacola State College
Pensacola, FL | Undergrads: 9,469
Cal State University - Monterey Bay
Seaside, CA | Undergrads: 6,648
SUNY - Canton
Canton, NY | Undergrads: 3,294
Angelo State University
San Angelo, TX | Undergrads: 7,177
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC | Undergrads: 16,290
Arkansas State University
Jonesboro, AR | Undergrads: 9,592
Art Academy of Cincinnati
Cincinnati, OH | Undergrads: 201
Binghamton University
Binghamton, NY | Undergrads: 11,745
Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR | Undergrads: 11,191
Barclay College
Haviland, KS | Undergrads: 236
Benedict College
Columbia, SC | Undergrads: 2,465
Carson-Newman University
Jefferson City, TN | Undergrads: 1,752
Central Piedmont Community College
Charlotte, NC | Undergrads: 20,198
Chico State University
Chico, CA | Undergrads: 16,471
CFCE - University of Georgia
Athens, GA | Undergrads: 27,547
Colorado State University - Engineering
Binghamton, NY | Undergrads: 581
Colorado State University - Pueblo
Cincinnati, OH | Undergrads: 5,006
Elms College
Chicopee, MA | Undergrads: 1,022
Kettering University
Flint, MI | Undergrads: 1,841
Lasell College
Auburndale, MA | Undergrads: 1,815
Lawrence Technological University
Southfield, MI | Undergrads: 2,134
Marist College
Poughkeepsie, NY | Undergrads: 5,576
Multnomah University
Portland, OR | Undergrads: 407
Ohio Valley University
Vienna, WV| Undergrads: 418
Patrick Henry College
Purcellville, VA | Undergrads: 304
Southern Wesleyan University
Central, SC | Undergrads: 1,323
Taylor University
Upland, IN | Undergrads: 2,126
University of Arkansas College of Engineering
Fayetteville, AR | Undergrads: 3,335
University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy
Lexington, KY | Undergrads: 752
University of Mississippi
University, MS | Undergrads: 18,785
University of South Alabama
Mobile, AL | Undergrads: 11,524
University of Tampa
Tampa, FL | Undergrads: 7,079
University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
Oshkosh, WI | Undergrads: 12,702
Westfield State University
Westfield, MA | Undergrads: 5,636
The Big Virtual Partners:
A Quick Tour

Take a look at the simple and intuitive eCareerFairs platform below designed specifically to facilitate efficient communications between students and their favorite colleges. The modern platform supports both desktop and mobile browsers with no apps or programs to install.

Event Lobby Page
In the Event Lobby, students can search and view each college. Featured and favorite schools are listed first. College specific video tours, brochures, and other media is available on each booth tile.
College Videos and other Documents
From the Event Lobby and within the booth, students can view all materials posted by the college.
College Booth Page
Within the College Booth, students can watch a live stream presenter and ask questions in a many-to-one format. They can get in multiple queues to chat with department specific reps.
Conversation Page
On the Conversation page, students and college reps speak one-on-one in a timed chat. All conversations can be rated and saved for later review.
Prepare for the Event
Follow these steps to get the most out of your event experience
Click the steps below
Register for the Event
When: right away...
Registration takes about 2 minutes and will:
Notify you of any pertinent news regarding the event
Notify you of recommended tasks to perform prior to the event
Alert you when the event is starting
Give you the ability to view all of the participating colleges and research information they’ve posted to their booths
Allow you to attend the event, post your registration profile with schools you like, view live stream presentations from schools, and communicate with desired school representatives
Allow you to take notes and rate schools and conversations
Allow attending colleges to find and invite you to visit their booth during the fair
Be sure to have your transcript and a profile photo image of yourself available on your computer or mobile device before starting the registration. This is not required, but recommended for a more efficient and personal experience.
Develop a “College Wish List”
When: right away...
Research colleges. 
We recommend BigFuture.CollegeBoard.com, Niche.com, or CollegeXpress.com sites as a starting point to determine those colleges you want to visit during The Big Virtual College Fair event.
These college search sites are informative, well designed and simple to use. They will greatly assist in helping narrow down your college choices based on specific criteria that is inline with your needs such as school size, costs, majors offered, location, sports, and much more.
Jot down your favorite college names. Take notes on what you like about the school and what separates it from the other choices. Write questions you might have about each institution. Here are some good articles regarding questions you may want to ask:

* Questions to Ask at The College Fair - SchoolGuides.com
* Questions to Ask at College Fairs - JLVCollegeCounseling.com
* Hey Guys! Let’s Go to a (College) Fair! - HuffingtonPost.com

Now you'll be prepared when you visit your desired schools during the event.
Be sure to have at least 10-15 colleges defined in your wish list.
Prepare for Event Day - Important!
When: one week prior to the event...
This pre-event step will optimize your experience when the fair is underway.
Click through the short Student Preparation Guide slideshow presentation below to learn how to navigate and view the features of the virtual college fair platform. Press the Full Screen button in the Google Slides bar below to view the slideshow maximized.
Use your computer or mobile device's browser (Chrome recommended) to sign-in.
Locate the colleges you want to visit during the fair. Mark your favorite colleges in the event lobby so you can visit them quickly during the event
Colleges will post information in their booth that they would like you to review prior to or during the event such as tour videos, brochures, deadlines, primary majors and other media. Review the material, then, if interested, submit your registration profile and answer any questions they request.
If the college is “not currently participating”, press the “Please Participate” button. This will notify the college and TBV personnel that you’d like to visit their booth during the event and you hope they’ll be participating
Contact your Guidance Department
When: one week prior to the event...
This step will ensure you have time allocated for the event.
It is likely that your high school is registered with The Big Virtual event and has accommodations for you to attend. If so, you will be notified by your school when and where (ie: cafeteria, library, computer lab, auditorium, gym, etc) to attend. In this case you may be dismissed from class at the specified time.
If your school is not registered, inform your guidance counselor and ask if you can be excused from class so that you may attend and ask where the appropriate location is for you to participate.
Attend the Event!
When: on event day...
Be signed in and ready at the start of event.
Be sure to BRING YOUR HEADPHONES if you're using your mobile device.
Enter the event lobby and go straight to the schools you’ve marked as favorites. Get in the representative queue that is applicable to your interest (ie: major, athletics, club, etc). You’ll notice your place in the queue via the status bar. Be ready for a one-on-one conversation with the rep when your time starts. Once the conversation starts, the representative will be able to see your registration profile information. You will be able to take notes and rate the conversation you have with the rep.
You can get in as many representative queues as you'd like, but you can only have one conversation at a time.
Within the booth, you can submit your registration profile to as many schools as you'd like. This will provide the school your information and the opportunity to contact you after the fair.
Many colleges will have a live stream presentation underway when you enter their booth - you’ll see a live presenter answering general questions to a group (a one-to-many chat). You’ll be able to hear them, however, they cannot hear you, but can see and respond to your text chat posts. Feel free to participate in any of these live stream presentations and ask general, non-department specific questions about the school via the available chat window.
Be sure to visit as many colleges as you can beyond your favorites. You may discover a college you like, but didn’t expect. 
Visit your Favorite Colleges
When: soon after the event...
Whew! What an experience. Now:
Review your stored notes and conversations and determine 8-10 schools that best suit you.
It's time to set up appointments to physically visit these schools.
Good Luck!
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